The Military Christmas Stocking Collection by CAMOSOCK®

Military Christmas stockings by Camosock are beautifully tailored styles for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard. Our Camosock collection is designed to honor “those that have accepted the challenge to serve”. A special surprise gift on Christmas morning or add one to your holiday care package. Each style is crafted from the uniform fabric unique to each service. You will be pleased. Guaranteed!

Popular Styles

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  • US Marine Dress Blue Christmas stocking styleView Details

    U.S. Marine Dress Blue Christmas Stocking

  • Navy Christmas stocking -NWUIIView Details

    U.S. Navy Christmas Stocking | New NWU III Camo

  • Air Force Christmas stockingView Details

    U.S. Air Force Christmas Stocking – F-16

  • Army Christmas stockingView Details

    U.S. Army Christmas Stocking by Camosock