U.S. Navy Christmas Stocking | New NWU III Camo


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The new U.S. Navy Christmas stocking is beautifully tailored in the Navy’s NWU-III uniform fabric. This uniform fabric “replaces the blue digital NWU-I fabric”.¬† It features the Navy’s ACE emblem embroidered on the stocking pocket and an embroidered U.S. Navy service tape above the pocket. The quality and attention to detail is outstanding.

You might consider using our beautiful Navy stocking as the anchor gift for your Sailors Christmas care package. Or as a surprise gift when your Sailor is home for the holidays. It is guaranteed become part of your Sailors Christmas holiday traditions. The new Navy stocking will replace our popular Navy stocking crafted in the blue digital uniform fabric. We will carry both styles this year but the Navy’s uniform¬† transition is complete.

Just a reminder…we also offer a special stocking for the Navy Seabees and the Navy Corpsman that are assigned to Marine units.

The CAMOSOCK, or “Holiday Gift Delivery System” as it’s often referred to in military nomenclature is perfect for sending your Holiday Greetings and expression of love and pride to your Sailor. Broad smiles are a guaranteed.

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