U.S. Army Christmas Stocking by Camosock


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The U.S. Army Christmas stocking is crafted in the new Army camo fabric. It is the newest addition to the collection.¬† The stocking is trimmed in scarlet piping with the “reverse American flag” embroidered on the stocking pocket. Above the pocket is the embroidered “U.S. ARMY” service tape.

We are very pleased to offer this beautiful stocking for your consideration and is guaranteed to please! The Army Christmas  stocking is very tailored and the quality and attention to detail is outstanding. All sourcing and manufacturing are 100% Made in the USA. They measure 19 inches tall and 9 niches wide across the top of the cuff.

The Camosock or “Holiday Gift Delivery System” as it’s often referred to in military nomenclature makes a great gift. It is perfect for sending your Christmas Greetings and expression of love and pride to your Soldier.

Please call or email me if you have a question or concern.

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