Navy Corpsman Christmas Stocking


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The Navy Corpsman Christmas stocking was designed to pay special tribute to “A Marines Best Friend.” It may surprise some but the Navy Corpsman has a long proud tradition of serving with the United States Marine Corps. Those of you that have a personal relationship with a Navy Corpsman know the special bond that exist between the Corpsman and his Marines. It will make the perfect addition to your Christmas care package.

Navy corpsman wear the Marine Corps uniforms while assigned to Marine units. The fabric for this stocking is the Marine desert uniform fabric with a U.S. NAVY service tape above the pocket. It is 19 inches tall and 9 inches wide across the top of the cuff. All sourcing and manufacturing is 100% Made in the USA.

This beautiful¬† Navy Corpsman Christmas stocking is a special addition to the Camosock Armed Forces Collection. I am confident in saying that sending this holiday gift stocking to your Navy Corpsmen will be received with sincere gratitude by the “Doc.”

Our guarantee is simple. For any reason you are not 100% pleased with you stocking you will receive a full refund plus your return shipping for 90 days.

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